10 short haircuts to look young after 30

Although it is true that attitude is what defines age, there are some tricks, such as the short haircut that can help us look much younger. In addition, as a curious fact, it is easier for a woman to have short hair better than long, although of course, it will depend on the features of your face if you add fringes, layers, or the type of cut. Check out these ideas and see that with your trusted stylist.

1● bob cut hairstyle

This look even goes well with shorties because it stylizes the neck and adds a cherry of height. Although it works well with many types of faces, it will suit faces with heart or wavy faces. Of course, this cut is a guarantee of youth.

2●  Fringe  Hairstyle 

If adding a bit of movement to your new look, try adding a ragged fringe. Besides looking modern and youthful, it will go perfectly with your short hair.

3● Short Hair 30 Years

This type of cut is a little shorter than the traditional Bob style, the joke that it looks a little more tousled to make you look younger. It's a bit of a riskier look but I promise you it looks amazing.

4● Rollers Hairstyle

If you have some lovely Chinese, then you should definitely try a short haircut to look younger, as those curlers will take years off your shoulders and make you look much more modern.

5● Very Short Hair Cut

The great trick of this type of haircut is that it adds movement to your look, in addition, if you are looking for something very short but not so traditional, you can certainly add the knurling

6● Side Short Hair

It is very similar to the pixie cut, if you are over 30 years old without a doubt you should take the risk and cheer up, there is no cut that is more anti-age than this because one of its characteristics is that it is shorter on the sides and has a most abundant part.

7● Korean hairstyle

Another cut that is very fashionable is the Korean style, basically, it is a Bob, but in the front, it is much longer.

8● Short Pixie Hair

This short haircut to see you young is a guarantee, many artists have tried it and the truth is that yes or yes, it takes years. The cut is characterized by having a fringe shorter than usual and although the hair 
reaches above the shoulders, the look has a tousled touch.

9● Dua Lipa Haircut

You surely recognize this haircut because the singer Dua Lipa has worn it and has shown us that she can look like a goddess. So without a doubt, you should be encouraged to try it.

10● Short Hair

Actress Keira Knightley showed us how to style a short, tousled haircut to look younger. Follow these looks and tell us how it went. 

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